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SJJ Recovery Care LTD CO & 8 Services 2.0 Inc.

Finding Inspiration in Every Challenge


Welcome to SJJ Recovery Care LTD CO., the Caribbean's premier vacation home provider. Our team is passionate about helping individuals find the perfect vacation home rental or purchase. Our partnership with 8 Services 2.0 Inc. has brought to life the innovative KRE8 NFT, a digital platform that integrates blockchain technology to simplify the buying and renting process for our clients. With various listings for properties across the Caribbean, you are sure to find the perfect vacation home to make your stay truly memorable.

From inception, 8 Services 2.0 Inc. has experienced the mountain of struggles that most Caribbean companies face with the development of our own ecommerce platform. We realized that our challenges were not only unique to our company. Consequently, we had to work on making available to our Region many features that were already standard to the majority of international organizations. At this time we also focused on user experience and the ease of use of e-Commerce platforms across the Caribbean Region.

Now in 2022, 8 Services 2.0 Inc. can now assist small, micro, and medium-sized businesses face their challenges and win. Our KRE8 platform also solves one of the most critical aspects that often cripple the expansion of regional online businesses which is the ability to accept direct payment from consumer. We now provide access to peer-to-peer transactions through the use of Blockchain Technology.

Web3 and Blockchain Technology in particular allows our company to help eliminate most of the current barriers Caribbean companies face when applying for online merchant accounts through local banks. Now we can offer solutions to entrepreneurs and online business owners that were not available before 8 Services 2.0 Inc. and the backing of SJJ Recovery Care LTD CO.

With our KRE8 platform, transfers of value are based on peer-to-peer transactions and the dependency on middle men are almost completely unnecessary. Blockchain Technology makes it possible to perform secure business transactions without heavily relying on traditional banks and other financial institutions. Our innovative interface with simple processes and software applications help our clients save money, cut off hours of stress and running around.


SJJ Recovery Care LTD CO and 8 Services 2.0 Inc. declare that all Real Estate income and profit now held or acquired after the effective date of this agreement shall be controlled by SJJ Recovery Care LTD CO and purchase and maintain by 8 Services 2.0 Inc. for the protection and benefits of all beneficiaries (Holders) who will from time to time become owners of KRE8 Tokens and/or KRE8 NFTs in the future.

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