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The Leading Technology and Property Management Company in the Caribbean

At SJJ Recovery Care LTD CO, we have always been dedicated to acquiring property with the goal of turning it into a home for healthcare services, as well as acquiring property in the Caribbean for retreat purposes. However, with the launch of the KRE8 NFT Project, we are expanding our focus to include the creation of vacation homes as well. We are passionate about using the latest technologies to provide our clients with unique and valuable experiences that promote wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The infrastructure of 8 Services 2.0 Inc. has always included Technology and Project Development as key elements. We have grown to include property management and e-commerce and have established ourselves in the Real Estate market. The founders have also been trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market for more than eight (8) years. The onset of the global pandemic resulted in a huge paradigm shift. There was also a remarkable increase in the level of professionalism, individuality, and service required moving forward with a focus of business, travel and accommodations.
Blockchain Technology has given us an opportunity to conceptualize innovative strategies and get more involved in a robust industry with a lucrative market capacity. We now have the time, experience and resources to introduce these Web3 applications to our Caribbean Region.
One of our goals for this initiative is to utilize our platform to accumulate funds that will be used to support some of the small business owners - especially in the the hospitality and tourism sectors. These sectors were severely affected by Hurricane Maria in September 2017 and after a slight recovery in 2019, the economy was halted again due to the global pandemic in March 2020.
Hurricane Maria gave our company a rare and important opportunity to grow stronger within the Real Estate industry. As time and fate would have it, we have been managing and maintaining properties as a part of our company portfolio ever since.
Ever thought of purchasing property in the Caribbean? Allow us to help you own a piece of paradise.

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